That 70’s Boy

For my last post for this blog series I saved it for a boy near and dear to my heart. Hyde from That 70’s Show. Yes, I know, most people go for the dreamy Ashton Kutcher character Kelso. And don’t get me wrong he’s adorable. I mean come on who doesn’t love Ashton Kutcher, I would literally be willing to be punched in the face to be punkd by him. 

However the Hyde character literally stole my heart. Danny Matherson, the actor does such a good job portraying a classic teenage angst stoner from the 70’s. From the aviator glasses to the smoking pot and complaining about the man. Literally half the time he was high all he would talk about was how the government was hiding a car that ran on water. And it was frickin hilarious. (fun fact when I first watched the series when I was like 11ish ?? and I had no idea that when they were siting in this circle and there was smoke everywhere and I thought they were just lighting candles I literally had no idea they were smoking)

Anyways he’s so paranoid but ridiculously funny. He constantly has one liners putting down Eric (whom I am NOT a fan of) and making fun of Kelso without him even knowing he’s being made fun of. Plus he’s super good looking. 

And when he gets a girlfriend he really cares about her which is something that really shows his character. He’s a lover even though he doesn’t want to show it. I mean he even loved Mrs. Foreman like his own. All in all he’s completely precious and I just love him so much. 

Well this is it, we have come to the end of my series. Thank you for all joining me on this wild journey and if you ever want to talk boys, know i’m your girl. <333


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