Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass)

Good Morning Upper East Siders,

For those of you that don’t know or haven’t picked up on it yet this blog will be about our favorite New York WASP, Chuck Bass. Gossip Girl was a big part of most teenage girls growing up and for some of the younger generation (like me) well we went back and binge watched the crap out of it. The acting may have been terrible and very few people in the world can actually relate to what was happening on the show, yet we couldn’t stop watching it anyways.

There we many many beautiful people in that show. I mean Blake Lively is one of the prettiest women on this planet. And Nate Archibald I mean seriously who could resist. Honestly the only person on the show that people unanimously do not like is Dan Freaking Humphries. And basically his whole family. And everyone associated with him.

Yet someone who has one of the biggest transformations of any character is Chuck Bass. We first start off with meeting him and automatically don’t like him. He’s just another one of Daddy’s rich sons. And if I recall correctly also tried to rape a girl??? I mean seriously you just loved to hate the guy. But eventually the hate started to fade away and all that was left was love.

He was the type of guy every girl dates trying to fix. And trust me, we’ve all been there. But Blair really did change him. I mean seriously 3 words 8 letters say it and I’m yours? Sweetie I don’t have to say anything I’m yours already. Their relationship was so topsy turvy. Yet we loved every turn it took.

When they eventually get together, and thank God they did because who else would we want him to end up with, your heart just bursts with joy. Their wedding was everything we wanted  and more for our own. And secretly i’m still waiting for Chuck to come and sweep me off my feet. But until then, i’ll just sit here and wait, behind my computer screen, for the love of my life.


Gossip Girl (aka me)


American Horror Story (Evan Peters)

I’m backkkkkkkk. So this week I decided to have a little fun and touch upon a little horror story. Yes i’m talking about American Horror Story. And yes that means discussing everyones favorite wacko, Evan Peters.

We’ve watched him grown up over the past six wacky seasons. And I do mean wacky. We started off with absolutely falling in love with him there. I mean who knew we could love a ghost. Even though he was totally screwed up, we liked it anyways. Weird I know but we did. It happens. Plus he was totally in love with Violet and we all wanted them to end up together. Even though he’s with Emma Roberts (ick). He did however get a little weird though and it was quite frightening when he became so obsessed.

This bring us to season two. Coven. Not their best. The weird aspect of it was the whole alien part to it. However we (ps when I keep saying we I really mean me) did like that they made Evan have a lovely Boston accent. I seriously loved him and his wife too. Like he really loved his family in it and I loved it.

American Horror story kind of goes downhill from coven, theres less of Evan Peters and even less of a plot in some of the seasons. All in all I kept watching just t see Evan and now that theres less of him I’ve contemplating stop watching it all together. But with a smile like his and those dimples, uhg those dimples. I can’t stop watching.

Parks and Rec (Andy Dwyer)

So i’m going in for round two, and I figured I may as well stick with the comedy fellows. Which brings me to another love of mine, Andy Dwyer.

Now he may have been the most naive 20 something year old man in the history of television, however, he was absolutely precious in every way possible. I mean he even fell down into a giant empty lot and seriously injured himself. Yet we love him anyway.

He meant well in everything he did and everything he did he did with other peoples hearts in his mind. He seriously cared about everyone around him no matter who they were. And he loved April, like so so so so much. And it was just about the cutest thing ever. They even adopted a three legged dog and they loved him so much.

His love for his band and indecisiveness was freaking hilarious. From calling them Fleetwood Mac Band to ending up on Mouse Track, it was just hilarious.

All in all one cannot capture the cuteness of Andy Dwyer in a single blog post, so I just recommend you go and watch it for yourself.



The Office (aka everyone’s favorite, Jim)

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back. I know its been quite a while I know and i’m sorry. I’m sure all you followers out there (yes all one of you) truly missed my blog posts and I appreciate that. Things got hectic with Christmas break and the removal of my wisdom teeth. Yes, I know I am no longer wise therefore I can no longer make wise cracks ): But don’t you worry your pretty little heads, I am back and better then ever. And starting off the new year strong with one of the most beloved characters on sitcom television, Jim Halpert.

If you have not ever seen an episode of NBC’s The Office, I have two things to tell you.

Are you a hermit and have been living under a rock? And go right now and watch an episode (preferably Stress Relief part one, arguably the best episode from the whole series) to get a feel for what the show is like.

Working in an office full of chaos, one of the main characters, Jim Halpert made the best of his situation. Portrayed by the dream boat that is John Krasinski, everyone now officially wants a Jim in their lives.

The love story between he and Pam, entices you from the beginning. From friends, to admiring from a far, to pining after her, to girlfriend/boyfriend, to engaged, to married and lastly to pregnant, twice. You truly feel like your involved in their relationship. From Jim giving her the tea pot full of gifts she loved to him fighting for her love you just fall in love with the two of them together. And it wasn’t even the big things it was the little things that made you fall harder. He would pull pranks in the office, which we will be getting back to later, just to make her happy. And when he first found out Pam was pregnant and came out all teary eyes, my heart actually melted. Like really. As in I had to stick the goop in the freezer and hope that it would turn back into a heart. But all in all they were the perfect couple, and not perfect in the way where their relationship seems unreal, but perfect in the way that they had fights and they had rough patches. They were just, perfect.

The other thing we loved about Jim was his jokester side. He would screw around with Dwight so often that some time if physically pained me. From laughing so frickin hard. To me the best prank was when he convinced Dwight that he was actually asian the whole time and that Dwight didn’t know it. Or when he put all his desk supplies in jello. He was brilliant!!! But at the same time he cared about Dwight so much. They were the perfect frenamies.

Lastly Jim and Michael had a cuties little relationship. Even though Michael was the boss, he looked up to Jim like a lost puppy. Michael just wanted to be hip and cool and he thought that Jim would be the perfect influence. Even though Jim would mess with him a little bit, he also sometimes took him under his wing. All in all Jim is just the perfect guy. All you ladies out there deserve a Jim, guys too.

30 Rock (Jack Donaghy)

This week on Keeping it Up with the Boy Obsessed Alex, were moving onto bigger and older men. Yes, thats right ladies and gents, i’m talking about Alec freaking Baldwin. Now, I know what your thinking, Alec Baldwin??? Really???? Yes really. And trust me, I used to feel the same way, and honestly sometimes I still do. But once you watch 30 Rock, well (pun intended) your world will be rocked.

His character on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy, straight up had me falling head over heels in love with him. Though a big cooperation republican (bleh) I couldn’t help but fall for him. The relationship between Liz Lemon and him was absolutely precious. The mentor student/ only real friends that they have was adorable. They truly cared for one another even though they didn’t always show it. He took her under his wing and the dynamic they had was incredible. Not even that but the fact that they never got together really does show that women and men can just be friends, sorry Harry and Sally but someone had to prove you wrong.

Jack always had such a witty response to everything. His brain was always moving, planning the next move before he’s even made his first one. He was great in a crisis but able to admit when he needed help. He handled the craziness of Tracy and Jenna with as much class as one could. He was also able to recognize when he was being crazy himself, a hard thing to do.

His love life is a whole other story though. He bounced from women to women. A player if you will. But when he falls in love he falls hard. And it precious. He cared about each women he ended up with and it was adorable. And the love he showed for his daughter was adorable. He wanted the best for her and would give her all he could.

Now as for Alec in real life, I am not the biggest fan. From getting kicked off an airplane to throwing temper tantrums I never really know how to feel about him. One thing I do know is that he attended every volleyball game of his daughters that he could and to me that shows something good about him. All in all I don’t think he’s such a bad guy. And maybe just maybe if the world opens up their hearts to Alec, Alec will open his up back.