30 Rock (Jack Donaghy)

This week on Keeping it Up with the Boy Obsessed Alex, were moving onto bigger and older men. Yes, thats right ladies and gents, i’m talking about Alec freaking Baldwin. Now, I know what your thinking, Alec Baldwin??? Really???? Yes really. And trust me, I used to feel the same way, and honestly sometimes I still do. But once you watch 30 Rock, well (pun intended) your world will be rocked.

His character on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy, straight up had me falling head over heels in love with him. Though a big cooperation republican (bleh) I couldn’t help but fall for him. The relationship between Liz Lemon and him was absolutely precious. The mentor student/ only real friends that they have was adorable. They truly cared for one another even though they didn’t always show it. He took her under his wing and the dynamic they had was incredible. Not even that but the fact that they never got together really does show that women and men can just be friends, sorry Harry and Sally but someone had to prove you wrong.

Jack always had such a witty response to everything. His brain was always moving, planning the next move before he’s even made his first one. He was great in a crisis but able to admit when he needed help. He handled the craziness of Tracy and Jenna with as much class as one could. He was also able to recognize when he was being crazy himself, a hard thing to do.

His love life is a whole other story though. He bounced from women to women. A player if you will. But when he falls in love he falls hard. And it precious. He cared about each women he ended up with and it was adorable. And the love he showed for his daughter was adorable. He wanted the best for her and would give her all he could.

Now as for Alec in real life, I am not the biggest fan. From getting kicked off an airplane to throwing temper tantrums I never really know how to feel about him. One thing I do know is that he attended every volleyball game of his daughters that he could and to me that shows something good about him. All in all I don’t think he’s such a bad guy. And maybe just maybe if the world opens up their hearts to Alec, Alec will open his up back.