Parks and Rec (Andy Dwyer)

So i’m going in for round two, and I figured I may as well stick with the comedy fellows. Which brings me to another love of mine, Andy Dwyer.

Now he may have been the most naive 20 something year old man in the history of television, however, he was absolutely precious in every way possible. I mean he even fell down into a giant empty lot and seriously injured himself. Yet we love him anyway.

He meant well in everything he did and everything he did he did with other peoples hearts in his mind. He seriously cared about everyone around him no matter who they were. And he loved April, like so so so so much. And it was just about the cutest thing ever. They even adopted a three legged dog and they loved him so much.

His love for his band and indecisiveness was freaking hilarious. From calling them Fleetwood Mac Band to ending up on Mouse Track, it was just hilarious.

All in all one cannot capture the cuteness of Andy Dwyer in a single blog post, so I just recommend you go and watch it for yourself.