American Horror Story (Evan Peters)

I’m backkkkkkkk. So this week I decided to have a little fun and touch upon a little horror story. Yes i’m talking about American Horror Story. And yes that means discussing everyones favorite wacko, Evan Peters.

We’ve watched him grown up over the past six wacky seasons. And I do mean wacky. We started off with absolutely falling in love with him there. I mean who knew we could love a ghost. Even though he was totally screwed up, we liked it anyways. Weird I know but we did. It happens. Plus he was totally in love with Violet and we all wanted them to end up together. Even though he’s with Emma Roberts (ick). He did however get a little weird though and it was quite frightening when he became so obsessed.

This bring us to season two. Coven. Not their best. The weird aspect of it was the whole alien part to it. However we (ps when I keep saying we I really mean me) did like that they made Evan have a lovely Boston accent. I seriously loved him and his wife too. Like he really loved his family in it and I loved it.

American Horror story kind of goes downhill from coven, theres less of Evan Peters and even less of a plot in some of the seasons. All in all I kept watching just t see Evan and now that theres less of him I’ve contemplating stop watching it all together. But with a smile like his and those dimples, uhg those dimples. I can’t stop watching.