Grey’s Anatomy (part 1)

This first of many long rants about cute men, the first of one’s about Grey’s Anatomy. (PS this will include spoilers please do not read if you do not want spoilers!!!)


This is my first blog ever. Shocking I know. Coming from the generation of kids walking down the street with their noses in their phone you would have thought we were doing something important. Nope, were just taking snapchats with freaking bee faces on them (ps save the bees!!). However, now I have officially decided to dedicate one post a week to doing something with my life and talking about something most 17 year old girls are incredibly passionate about. TV shows and the men that make them worthy of my time. Every girl is in love with the special TV heart throb, for me though it seems that every television show I have watched is staring my future soul mate, and hopefully other girls out there feel the same way. So to kick off this kick ass blog I figured I start off with the owner of all teen hearts right now (and middle aged women too) and start with big guns.

Grey’s Anatomy has been messing with my heart since 2005. From McSteamy to McDreamy (we will get to those cuties later don’t worry) the casting has been spot on with trying to get the classic suburban soccer mom to leave her family and run off with the sexy new doctor they see on their screen (I’m sure they may have succeed too). First we were introduced to Derek, Patrick Dempsey causing our hearts to burst every time he put on that friggin ferry cap. We also have Mark Sloan, the shallow but sensitive plastic’s doctor who’s not only cute in real life (I mean seriously Eric Dane are you even human??) but on the show too. It just increased the hotness overload. Then on season 6 of Grey’s (God that feels like a lifetime ago, I mean come on 13 seasons and I’m still watching, thank Jesus I don’t have a life am I right ladies?!) we were introduced to quite possibly the greatest human being ever. Okay I may be lying and I may not know him personally but for the sake of this blog he just became the greatest human being ever.

Jackson Avery somehow stumbled in out lives when Seattle Grace and Mercy West Hospital merged. It was a tough transition for not only the characters but for everyone at home too. New people on the show meant I had to make new room in my heart and I thought there was only enough for the “originals.” As the show progressed though and slowly they were getting rid of each Mercy West intruder (bye bye Percy & Reed, sorry definitely not sorry), I realized that I didn’t want Avery to go. With each zoom in of his face and the sparkle we could see in his eyes (no but really look at his eyes they are absolutely beautiful) I was becoming more and more attached. His character, though a little rough around the edges in the beginning eventually became one of my favorites. The bromance relationship that began between he and Mark Sloan is the greatest relationship on the show. (Plastic Posse Forever!!!!!)


His relationship with April Kepner however is a very heated topic for me. I personally despise April with every fiber of my being. It’s nothing against her (okay it kind of is) I just really cannot stand the women at all. She’s just so annoying and I have tried so hard to like her but ever since she betrayed Derek in the shooting episode (spoiler alert!!) I just have never been able to forgive her. The ups and downs between the two kept me very intrigued though and a little part of me was always rooting for them to end up together. This season has me questioning their relationship and at this point I’m not sure if they would be better off as just friends. One can only take so much heart ache. We’ll see how Shonda plays this out, I have full faith that she will do the right things for these characters.


So not only is Jackson Avery a great guy, but the actor that plays him, Jesse Williams, is a pretty cool dude too. Williams being half African-Ameican is very involved in the civil rights movement. He speaks his voice often on twitter (link:, not caring what others have to say but is just trying to get people’s voices heard, especially those who he thinks voice isn’t being listened to. He is incredibly politically involved and especially with everything that went on with this election this year, he really tried to make his followers informed on the important issues. He also had a role in the movie The Butler, portraying the civil rights leader Rev. James Lawson (Its a fantastic film for those of you who haven’t seen it)(this is also me peer pressuring you to see it). One day after watching his moving performance I tweeted at him on a whim, and he actually tweeted me back. I then proceeded to pass out and when I woke up cried because of it. Sorry. Yes I know that’s a little crazy. It happens. (Link to tweet:


(yes I know my twitter handle used to be about 5 Seconds of Summer, no judgement)

On top of all this he used to be a school teacher and was married before becoming an actor. The poison that sometimes can come with Hollywood has not interfered with this man’s morals or his relationships. All in all Jackson Avery and Jesse Williams are great people and if you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy I highly recommend starting it now. And if you do watch Grey’s like me and get your heart broken every Thursday night along with the rest of America, then you should definitely follow Jesse on twitter and keep up with his appearances. I promise you won’t want to miss this face (or bod!!!).