New Girl (with the cute guy)

I think we all have a type out there. The bad boy biker type. The preppy tool (which my school happens to be full of by the way). The guitar playing stoner. And of course the nerdy dorks. We all have a type. However who would have thought that a lazy, bartending, slightly alcoholic, paranoid roommate would be a type girls across the county would dream about.

That right ladies and gents i’m talking about Nick Miller. He is (in my opinion) the cutest funniest character on the hit Fox Television show “New Girl.” We start off the show introduced to the four main guys, Nick, Schmidt, Coach (who somehow disappears for a few seasons with like no explanation at all but thats fine) and Winston. At first I didn’t really know how I felt about him. He’s no doubt a good looking guy but in the beginning I had a hard time trying to read his personality. But soon enough you learn that even though he has a kind of hard exterior he’s a big lover on the inside who cares about his friends.

He and Schmidt’s relationship is completely precious. Schmidt (who I would classify as the preppy tool type) looks to Nick as kind of a support system. And Nick being Nick sort of like to diss him sometimes and act like a “macho man” but as we saw in him pretending to be Michael Keaton for Schmidt, attending an Indian speed dating convention, pretending to be Jewish and make out with a Grandma, he really does care. He would go through many shenanigans and crazy situations just to make Schmidt happy. Even though more often then not he just wants to hit him too.

Then you have Nick and Winston’s relationship who’s dynamic is definitely a little different. Since they were childhood friends the two of them have some very interesting stories together. Winston out of the group is the most insecure however he always has Nick there to keep him in check. From helping him face his fears of the dark to helping him get girls, because yes we all know Winston can sometimes struggle with that, they have a true friendship. However I do find it weird how Nick’s Dad may and or may not have loved Winston more as a son. To each is their own I guess????

Nick and Coach have a weird dynamic. The show never really focuses in on the two together so their’s not much there. However when the two do get together it is absolutely freaking hilarious. A personally favorite episode of mine is when Nick, Cece and Coach all decide to get high together and somehow end up attending a part. Filled with police officers. Oh and did I forget to mention that they were all incredibly obviously stoned. It was Coaches first time though and Nick the entire time kept telling how high he was acting. Meanwhile Nick is clearly much more high then him and Coach seems almost completely sober. I’m obviously not doing the scene justice so I just recommend watching it.

Next we have Nick and Tran. Let me tell you this is my favorite of all the possible relationships on the show. I mean come on this angry man just somehow meats this non talking, who knows where he’s from, elderly man in the park??? And somehow they become best friends??? It’s freaking amazing!! He just gets so giddy around him and Tran is just genuinely so happy to be around him I love it. Nick is the talker of the two which is completely wild. Tran literally never talks. Like ever. And yet somehow Nick knows exactly what he’s saying. I love it. That is true friendship right their and Nick often refers to Tran as his bet friend which I love. The two of them together honest to God just makes my day.

Lastly we have Nick and all his lovers. From the gross bar girls he would bring home to Jess he is so funny in his shenanigans. Obviously though I supported he and Jess’s relationship the most. The transition from roommate, to friend, to girlfriend, back to friend is extremely hard. The two of them handled the situation very well though. Nick and Jess together was just adorable though, he would make her breakfast in bed, supporting her in all the crap she was trying to do, he was there for her. He got off the plane to make sure she would go to England to see her new boo, missed his flight going home so that she would be happy on Christmas and see the lights. And who could forget how much she supported him when his Dad died and how much they needed each other. And when things didn’t work out between them in the end, if you ask me Nick was slightly too immature for her (not too immature for me though !!) they tried their best to remain friends. And it worked, I mean don’t get me wrong it was SUPER awkward at first. Who could forget the couples cruise episode. It was freaking cringe worthy. But eventually they worked though it and became best friends again. Just as what they were meant to be. Now i’m only on season four of the show so things could change in the later seasons but as of right now I am content with where they are in their relationship.

All in all Nick Miller is a pretty stand up guy. Despite a few flaws, profusely sweating when lying, not being able to call anyone to fix anything and being slightly paranoid about the government/basically everything in the world he is a cutie. From his scruff to his crooked smile I just can’t (and don’t want to) get over him. Besides he definitely the most sarcastic character on the show which I absolutely adore. He is the perfect “dad bod” and I hope when I am in my late twenties/early thirties I will either already have myself a Nick Miller and or still be looking for my own. Nick Miller don’t you ever change ❤