The Office (aka everyone’s favorite, Jim)

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back. I know its been quite a while I know and i’m sorry. I’m sure all you followers out there (yes all one of you) truly missed my blog posts and I appreciate that. Things got hectic with Christmas break and the removal of my wisdom teeth. Yes, I know I am no longer wise therefore I can no longer make wise cracks ): But don’t you worry your pretty little heads, I am back and better then ever. And starting off the new year strong with one of the most beloved characters on sitcom television, Jim Halpert.

If you have not ever seen an episode of NBC’s The Office, I have two things to tell you.

Are you a hermit and have been living under a rock? And go right now and watch an episode (preferably Stress Relief part one, arguably the best episode from the whole series) to get a feel for what the show is like.

Working in an office full of chaos, one of the main characters, Jim Halpert made the best of his situation. Portrayed by the dream boat that is John Krasinski, everyone now officially wants a Jim in their lives.

The love story between he and Pam, entices you from the beginning. From friends, to admiring from a far, to pining after her, to girlfriend/boyfriend, to engaged, to married and lastly to pregnant, twice. You truly feel like your involved in their relationship. From Jim giving her the tea pot full of gifts she loved to him fighting for her love you just fall in love with the two of them together. And it wasn’t even the big things it was the little things that made you fall harder. He would pull pranks in the office, which we will be getting back to later, just to make her happy. And when he first found out Pam was pregnant and came out all teary eyes, my heart actually melted. Like really. As in I had to stick the goop in the freezer and hope that it would turn back into a heart. But all in all they were the perfect couple, and not perfect in the way where their relationship seems unreal, but perfect in the way that they had fights and they had rough patches. They were just, perfect.

The other thing we loved about Jim was his jokester side. He would screw around with Dwight so often that some time if physically pained me. From laughing so frickin hard. To me the best prank was when he convinced Dwight that he was actually asian the whole time and that Dwight didn’t know it. Or when he put all his desk supplies in jello. He was brilliant!!! But at the same time he cared about Dwight so much. They were the perfect frenamies.

Lastly Jim and Michael had a cuties little relationship. Even though Michael was the boss, he looked up to Jim like a lost puppy. Michael just wanted to be hip and cool and he thought that Jim would be the perfect influence. Even though Jim would mess with him a little bit, he also sometimes took him under his wing. All in all Jim is just the perfect guy. All you ladies out there deserve a Jim, guys too.