The One with the Cute Guy

Okay now I just want to let everyone know that this specific blog entry is very near and dear to my heart. It is about my absolute favorite character (and I know i’ve said that before but this time I actually mean it) from my favorite tv how so as you can tell I will be very excited.

No matter what generation you’re from you’ve seen at least one episode of Friends. Maybe it was on reruns one day, maybe you religiously watched every single season, twice (like me who may and or may not have watched it more than twice, oh well), or maybe one of your friends (get it, pun intended) forced you to watch it with them. Either way you know the exact show I’m talking about. Some of you may not know who Chandler Bing is (though I hope you all know who he is), which is why i’m here today about to go off on a long ass tangent about why he is the greatest human being ever.


Okay so basically Friends is a comedic goldmine. You have the pushy, OCD Monica, the bitchy, spoiled Rachel, the crazy, quirky Phoebe, the vain, hungry Joey and the annoying, wedding crazy Ross. Each character brings something new to the table, a different way to complement the other’s personality or to close the joke. Most of them feed off each other to make for the side splitting comedy we all love. But then you have Chandler.


Chandler is probably the most sarcastic person ever. A man after my own heart. Every second he got he had a snarky comment waiting and ready. And besides all that he had thousands of quirks that I just progressively fell in love with with each episode. His lack of love for thanksgiving, his ugly smile, his love for his friends and his loyalty to everyone.


On top of all that he had some of the absolute best lines in the show compared to anyone. I mean seriously “I’M GOING TO YEMEN!!!” and then he actually goes to fricking Yemen. YEMEN!


The relationship between he and Monica though is probably one of the best thing that happens to the show. No one saw it coming but once they were together you didn’t want them with anyone else. Meeting in London, watching them fall in love, watching the group completely FLAIL about it!!! It was perfect his lack of caring and her over zealous amount of caring was a match made in heaven. And Ross got a new brother out of it. The wedding was perfect and I just want to crying whenever I think about them. (yes this means i’m crying right now)

Essentially I am the Chandler Bing of my friends. And family. And school. Okay i’m basically just the girl version of Chandler Bing. It happens. And I love it. I even did a report in school about how much I loved him and wanted to grow up to be him. (seriously i’m not kidding) When my family and I went to California I made them take a tour of Warner Brothers studio just so that we could tour the Friends set and I could sit on the couch. I may and or may not have also said many of his famous lines and pretended to be Monica. Its fine though my tour guide was VERY amused.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 1.47.33 PM.png

Okay basically the point of this blog is that Chandler Bing is the best guy and I love him/ want to be him/ want to date him. The end.