One Tree Hill (Nathan Scott)

Just like every other teenage girl in the United States i’ve obsessed over every episode of One Tree Hill. I binge watched that crap on Netflix (which also happens to be my best friend) for an entire summer. I also happen to be the fastest binge watcher I know and completed it with time to spear. To note how impressive that is one must understand that One Tree Hill has 9 seasons with 24 four episodes per season each lasting roughly 42 minutes. One may say I wasted my time, others (like me) say I did it right.

In the beginning of the show I was clearly rooting for the Chad Michael Murray character Lucas Scott. He was the teen heart throb from 2005 and rocked my world in A Cinderella Story. But soon enough the tables turned and my heart grew fonder and fonder for the dearly beloved Nathan Scott.


Nathan Scott was a troubled bad boy and Lord knows thats my type. He’s a self righteous asshole who I couldn’t help but love. He straight up bullied his half brother Lucas in the beginning of the show all the while lowkey getting bullied himself by his douchebag father. I mean seriously if there was an award for worst father of the year this man would not only win it hands down but would then proceed to have the award named after him. Anyway he was very troubled in the first season however you loved his shenanigans anyway. He wasn’t that cute in the beginning of the show but boy oh boy does that seriously change.


He eventually falls in love with Haley James and they become the ultimate OTP. Like I personally don’t want to be married but if I could be promised a relationship like then someone better book me a spot on say yes to the dress. They obviously hit a few bumps on the road *cough cough* Chris Keller *cough cough* and a few paralyzed husbands but they worked through it. I’ve really never seen two people more in love. They raise a beautiful family together and never gave up on one another. They give me hope that true love can be real. And yes I know they’re fake but seriously they’re perfect.


As a character himself Nathan Scott really evolves. He changes drastically and for the better. He is never boring and when he gets a basketball in his hands I just go weak in the freakin knees. The star of his team and playing North Carolina, a boy destined for Duke. Don’t mind if I doosies. I just, I love him so much.


Essentially he’s perfect and I love him. The end. ❤